Our emphasis on neighboring inspired me to put my faith in action by engaging with my neighbors, on purpose, as I have intended to do for the last two years. 

I started by inviting the family next door to spend the night in our guest room as their air conditioning had been on the blink since the previous evening, a fact I discovered upon delivering a piece of their mail erroneously placed in our mailbox.  The husband declined on my offer because of his sensitivity to our plans (though we had none) for the evening.  I told him I would be honored if he would accept because it was what Jesus would have me do.

We went to bed early without hearing from them, but, because of the rationale for declining my offer I was compelled to call and offer once again.  I stated that our house would be cool whether or not he and his wife and young son were in it with us or not.  He stated that he and his wife came close to accepting our offer, but again declined as the child was settled in bed and their house was better than the previous night. I told him the offer was always open and we wanted to plan to host them to dinner soon.

Our two families already have a friendly relationship and have exchanged favors in the past.  When we host our dinner with them, I intend to remember to thank God for them being kind and caring neighbors.

Offering a Cool Room for the Night

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