BrokenGlassOur home was broken in to. We talked to our neighbors to let them know what happened. First, my wife went to the bus stop to meet our kids and let all of the parents know. The next day my wife and I talked to our next door neighbor and discovered her house was broken into also. We shared stories about the damage that was done… but then the conversation lightened as we talked about our families and interests. Thursday night our next door neighbor (the husband) saw me doing yard work in my backyard and peeked over the fence to introduce himself. We talked about the burglary at first, but again the conversation lightened and I invited him, his wife and their three daughters over, so our kids could meet and we could show them what happened to our house. While at our house the conversation turned to The Story and Life Groups. It happens that they attend Central and were hoping to join a life group, but with three young daughters, the logistics made it very difficult. We invited them to join our life group and told them how we hire a babysitter to watch the kids while the parents meet. I’m happy to say that they joyfully accepted and attended our Life Group session. We shared our story with the rest of our Life Group and both of us commented that we feel blessed that the burglary happened because it’s given us an opportunity to learn more about our neighbors and grow our faith together. We also prayed as a group for the robbers. It is crazy to think that we have lived next to each other for over seven years before properly introducing ourselves, but we couldn’t help but think that maybe next time God could have mail delivered to the wrong house or something less intrusive than a burglary to get us out of our seats to meet our neighbors. The Lord sure can work in mysterious ways. 

Friendships came out of a Burglary

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