xbox I started building a relationship with my neighbor. I was intentional and looked for things that we would have in common. I also noticed him working on cars in the garage. After talking to him I found out that his wife attends Central but he does not. He is not a believer. I would ask him if he would help me with my car and he was gracious to help me. We built a relationship over time but then I moved away. But he loved playing video games so we would stay connected with games on line. When my car had trouble I would take it to him and he would help me. I invited him to my life group that I lead in new neighborhood and he accepted! He comes even though he is not a believer. 

In my new neighborhood I have been intentional in meeting my neighbors. We baked cookies and gave them to all our neighbors on our street. We had a garage sale the first week we moved in and got to meet a lot of our new neighbors. We make it a point to have our kids play outside in the cul-de-sac so we can have conversations with our neighbors. We have already planned a community Christmas party with them. So far we have our next-door neighbor and our neighbor from old neighborhood attending our Life Group. I also make it a point to wash my car myself in my drive way. This also helps me to engage in conversations. God is moving here and it is very exciting! I can’t wait to see what else He has planned.

Finding Common Ground

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