ChipsOur emphasis on neighboring has really spoken to us.  We’ve always wanted to be good neighbors. We’re in the process of planning a block party for our Gilbert neighborhood next month.  We also plan to sit outside on Halloween and greet everyone.  That’s a BIG one for us.  For all of the almost 45 years we’ve been married, we have never celebrated Halloween in the neighborhood. But this year we had fun going door to door talking with some of our neighbors about the proposed get-together. If we as introverts can do this, then any one can!

Few weeks later: Our block party was a huge success.  Only one of the twelve families could not come. Everyone brought tons of food, lots of conversation, and a desire to have another party in April.  Before we ate, I said, “If there are no objections, my husband will ask God to bless our food.”  I figured this was the time to let our beliefs be known, in a non-threatening sort of way. No one objected! Everyone also welcomed the idea of a neighborhood contact list, which inadvertently led to everyone knowing that I pray for all the neighbors, now by name.  Now we all wave more at each other, talk to each other frequently, and simply feel more comfortable living in our block.  So, on Halloween we sat in our driveway and passed out candy.  A couple of neighbors brought chairs over and sat with us.  We had an amazing talk with one about his Christian upbringing (we didn’t know he was a believer) and found out they occasionally attend Central Gilbert!  His parents also attend Central Gilbert regularly. Another family two houses down from us attends Central Gilbert!  And the person who missed the event attends Central Gilbert!!  We are totally blown away.  I’m in the process of writing an email to all our neighbors (hooray for the contact list) to ask them if they’d like to join us in adopting a family for Christmas.

Changed Neighborhood

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