We had invited one of our new neighbors over for dessert on a Friday night. And then we found out that the other side of the neighborhood had invited the whole neighborhood over for a Barbecue that night. So we went and actually got to meet neighbors that lived on our street! We invited them over to our house that night after the barbecue (nine people total) to join us and the couple who was coming over for dessert.

It was amazing and we got to know one another! We have exchanged phone numbers and have started a  new neighborhood Facebook page as well where we can meet even more of our neighbors and build community. It’s so cool to see the conversations and relationships being formed between neighbors! I can’t wait to see God’s plans for our neighborhood and look forward to lasting relationships.

And to think that this all started by being intentional in reaching out to our neighbors and being ourselves, and loving them as they are. This is how neighborhoods should be. We need to get rid of the walls!

Invitation Multiplied

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