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We held a block party Labor Day weekend in an attempt to meet more neighbors and a new couple from a few houses down came. They are a pretty different couple than us in terms of lifestyle and beliefs, but we enjoyed getting to know them and over the past few months I’ve gotten together with the wife for play-dates with the kids and they came to our son’s birthday party.
So…long story short, one day when we were chatting I decided to ask her if they’d like to join us at church one weekend. She immediately said “We’re just not really church people,” and seemed like she wanted to leave it alone. I just said, “Sure, but if you ever change your mind we’d love to have you!” Her next statement was, “I hope we can still be friends, though,” My immediate response was “of course!” But it made me realize that she may have been ditched by Christian friends in the past.

Over the next minutes of our conversation, her demeanor seemed to soften a bit as she talked to me about how she was raised in a strict Christian home…and how she now has no relationships with her family. There’s a lot of pain there under the surface, but before I left that day, her “no thanks” response had softened into a “maybe someday.”

So, I’m just continuing to pour into her as she allows by doing some friendly neighboring, and as God presents opportunities, we’ll see if deeper conversations follow.




Friendly Neighboring

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